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Find the Top Attractions near Anderson Chesterfield Travel Inn, Daleville

Looking for top attractions in Daleville around the Anderson Chesterfield Travel Inn, but not sure where to start? From Mounds State Park to Huddleston Farmhouse, Indiana Landmarks, Eastern Regional Office that make this property preferred choice for guest visiting these attractions.

Discover the best sights and activities close to Anderson Chesterfield Travel Inn with this top attractions list!

Mounds State Park

2.72 miles away

Mounds State Park, located in Daleville, Indiana, is home to the state's largest collection of Native American mounds. The park offers a variety of activities for visitors, including hiking, picnicking, and camping.

The mounds at Mounds State Park were built by the Adena people between 100 BC and 100 AD. The largest mound, called the Great Mound, is 70 feet tall and 1,000 feet in diameter. There are also several smaller mounds scattered throughout the park.

Visitors to Mounds State Park can hike the trails that wind through the park or take a self-guided tour of the mounds. Picnic areas are available, as well as a campground with electric and water hookups.

Rangeline Nature Preserve

3.45 miles away

Rangeline Nature Preserve Daleville is a beautiful place to take a nature hike and enjoy the scenery. The preserve has many different trails to choose from, so you can find one that's perfect for your fitness level. There are also plenty of places to rest and take in the view, so you can really appreciate the natural beauty of this special place.

Anderson Museum of Art

5.79 miles away

The Anderson Museum of Art in Daleville, Indiana is a hidden gem. This small museum is packed with amazing artwork, and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their collection. The museum offers a variety of programs and events, and it's definitely worth a visit if you're in the area.


10.51 miles away

Bouncyland Daleville is a great place for kids to have fun and burn off some energy. They have a variety of inflatables to choose from, as well as a trampoline and a zip line. The staff is friendly and attentive, and the prices are reasonable.

Escape Muncie

10.90 miles away

Muncie and Daleville are great places to live, but sometimes you just need to get away from it all. If you're looking for a weekend getaway or even a longer vacation, there are plenty of options within driving distance of Muncie.

Just a few hours away, you can find yourself in Indianapolis or Chicago. Or, if you're looking for something a little closer to home, there are many small towns and rural areas to explore in Indiana.

No matter where you go, getting out of Muncie and Daleville will give you a chance to relax and recharge. So, if you're feeling the need for a change of scenery, don't hesitate to plan your escape!

Tuhey Park

11.08 miles away

Tuhey Park in Daleville is a great place to take the family for a day of fun. The park has something for everyone, with a playground, pavilions, picnic areas, and a walking trail.

The playground is a great place for the kids to burn off some energy, and the pavilions are perfect for a picnic lunch. The walking trail is a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Tuhey Park is a great place to enjoy a day with the family. So come on out and enjoy all that the park has to offer!

Worlds Largest Ball Of Paint

12.42 miles away

The world's largest ball of paint is located in Daleville, Indiana. The ball of paint weighs over 10,000 pounds and is made up of over 8,000 layers of paint. The ball of paint was started in the early 1970s by a man named Tom Baker. Baker continued to add layers of paint to the ball until his death in 2001. The ball of paint is now on display at the Ball Of Paint Museum in Daleville, Indiana.

"Bath" Interlocking-Norfolk Southern Railroad

12.49 miles away

The Norfolk Southern Railroad Daleville is a key interlocking point on the Bath Branch. The Daleville facility is located at milepost WPL 304 on the mainline and provides connections to both the Hanover Subdivision and the Lehigh Line. The importance of this location cannot be understated, as it provides a crucial link in the rail network for both freight and passenger traffic.

The Norfolk Southern Railroad has a long history in Daleville, dating back to the early days of the company. The Daleville facility was originally built by the Virginia Central Railroad in 1854. The Virginia Central was one of the first railroads in the United States and played a pivotal role in the development of the American West. The railroad was acquired by the Norfolk & Western Railway in 1881, which itself was acquired by the Norfolk Southern Railway in 1982.

The Daleville facility has undergone several renovations and expansions over the years to keep up with the needs of the railroad. The most recent expansion was completed in 2008, which added new track and signal infrastructure to improve capacity and efficiency. The Daleville facility is an essential part of the Norfolk Southern network and will continue to be so for many years to come.

Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame

17.25 miles away

The Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame in Daleville is a museum and hall of fame dedicated to honoring the best players, coaches, and contributors to the game of basketball in the state of Indiana. The museum features exhibits on the history of basketball in Indiana, as well as on the individual inductees. The hall of fame itself contains plaques with the inductees' names and accomplishments.

The Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame was founded in 1961 and is located in Daleville, Indiana. The museum opened to the public in 1962, and the first class of inductees was honored that same year. Since then, over 200 individuals have been inducted into the hall of fame.

Some of the most notable inductees include Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Jerry Lucas, John Wooden, and Bob Knight.

James Dean Gallery

21.55 miles away

The James Dean Gallery in Daleville, Indiana is the world’s largest collection of memorabilia dedicated to the iconic actor. The gallery features over 5,000 items on display, including original movie posters, clothes worn by Dean in his films, and personal belongings.

The gallery is open daily from 9am to 5pm, and admission is free. Visitors can also purchase items from the gift shop, which stocks a wide range of merchandise related to Dean and his films.

Huddleston Farmhouse, Indiana Landmarks, Eastern Regional Office

29.07 miles away

The Huddleston Farmhouse is one of Indiana Landmarks' Eastern Regional Office's most popular historic sites. The Farmhouse is a beautiful example of early 19th-century Greek Revival architecture. It was built in 1815 by John Huddleston, a Revolutionary War veteran, and his wife, Esther. The Huddlestons were among the first settlers in what is now Daleville, Indiana.

The Farmhouse is open to the public for tours and events. Visitors can step back in time and experience what life was like on a early Indiana farm. The Farmhouse is also available for rental for weddings and other special occasions.

The Anderson Chesterfield Travel Inn is an excellent, budget-friendly accommodation that provides easy access to the city's most sought after attractions; book this Daleville hotel today!

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